Superbird Freed by Chain Saw

How do you acquire one of the most coveted classic cars ever built? Apparently one way is to get a chain saw and set the Superbird free. Yup, strangely enough, for Mike from Ohio he caught his "bird" through the help of such a tool.

Like most of you reading this article, classic cars, in general, are a passion to Mike. But then there are cars that simply defy the simplicity of that word. To Mike, and us, the Superbird is more like a marvel, a wonder of the world that makes people stare and just take it in, inch by inch, trying to comprehend the minds that conjured up this warhorse. When you realize that only 1,930 such cars were built and sold by Plymouth in 1970 that fact adds to the car's mystique. In addition, imagine or contemplate that you have a chance to "catch one" for yourself. How would you do it? In Mike's case it was far from being a conventional acquisition. Superbird Mike from Ohio's amazing story tells it all. And it goes like this.

This story starts around 1992, when Mike attended a car show in Pennsylvania. He met a man there who helped guide him to New York State where a 1970 PSuperbird was just waiting to be set free, if only the owner would loosen his grip on it.