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Here's our method... It's simple!

Plan Ahead and Execute

Confirm Your Goals

Confirm business goals, application requirements, your resources and timeline.

Design Your Solution

Implement in phases that provide the best return on investment while minimizing impact to the business.

Build Your System

Pick areas of the business that can be implemented easily and deliver value to the business quickly. 

Train & Test Your System

Going live with a business system unprepared is worse that doing nothing at all.

Reap the Benefits

Once live stop and smell the roses to better understand how the system has changed how you do business.

Repeat As Needed

because modules can be installed adhoc return to confirming how the goals and needs of the business may have changed.

Your Implementation Success is Paramount to MMY

Because every implementation is unique MMY can perform  a preliminary high level business assessment where we will work with you to understand your business requirements, budget, current business system and timeline.

From there we'll present an array of options in order to enable the business to determine what it's next steps should be.

Ultimately you'll receive a Statement of Work that outlines the over all project, time line, roles & responsibilities and deliverables.

Fees & Payment Plans

Once your project is dialed in we'll present a high level quotation that will include hourly rates, deliverables and payment schedule.

Prepaid buckets of hours work best to manage budgets

Quick Start Classic e-Commerce & Save

A key component of MMY's value proposition is our ability to provide an e-Commerce system which is configured to support the sale of classic automotive parts, tools and accessories.  This opportunity provides the means to circumvent the bulk of the tedious time consumed during the process of converting your inventory items. Everything from product categories, formatting and images will just need a bit of fine tuning when they are loaded.

Quick start gets your business e-Commerce page up and running in no time.  We can even connect your items to your eBay or Amazon accounts while we're at.

An e-Commerce finish line is closer than you can imagine!

Post Go-Live Support

The business and technology implemented are primary components to consider when determining what your support requirements are.

The Business users from each core segment of the business will be your first resource to address an issue. Odoo will provide a "go to" support person who'll work with the business to resolve how to apply application functionality, additional how to questions and / or additional training. This plan is available as needed even if you just need to train a new user.

The Technology
Your Odoo hosting service provides comprehensive chat, e-mail and phone support for issues related to the operation of the hardware, business software, back-ups and peripherals.

Avoid Implementation "Gotchas"

Business System Requirements

Understanding and documenting core business requirements and their benefits should drive every step in the project. As with most projects scope creep can cause disasters in schedules, deliverables and budgets.  MMY will help you navigate past these types of project complexities and will work with your business to ensure your "got to have" functionality is met before considering additional add-ons.


Understand your base vs long term functionality needs and  Implementing in smaller phases can have less of an impact on day to day operations while solving core needs.  MMY will guide you as to which modules can be integrated during later phase(s) enabling the spreading out the costs to implement while letting the users "get acquainted" with their new ERP system and processes. 

Internal Resources

Any new system requires the knowledge of key personnel within the business. Whether it's customer service, operations, accounting, sales or shipping there will be a need for them to make room in their already busy schedules to support the implementation project.

Although MMY can help, getting master and current transactional data extracted and made ready for input into your new business system can be time consuming but is critical to a successful transition.

Data Analytic Tools & Reports

Tightly integrated data to Microsoft's family of Office 365 applications ensures data can be exported for reporting and analytics with by everyday business users.

"Running Strong" Support

Cloud Application Updates

A short description of this great feature.

Have A Concern? Call

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Periodic Health Checks

A short description of this great feature.

Back up & Recovery Support

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