MMY specializes in classic automotive parts & supply businesses and understand your pain points and needs. We offer an enhanced Odoo ERP business system tailored to the automotive industry by adding and leveraging key features honed to the classic vehicle parts retail, distribution, manufacturing & re-manufacturing industries.

  • Make Model Year  - we built that in from the start and it works!
  • Kits, sub-assemblies and bill of materials  - As simple or complex as you need it to be - all built in!
  • eCommerce with payment processing - Done!
    • Multi-tiered pricing, retail, dealer, distributor, bundle - all in there.
    • Omni-Channel selling, Amazon, eBay, etc., all done.
    • Already have an eCommerce page?   We make migrating simple
  • Accounting - world class accounting built in, as simple as one location or an entire multi location real time inventory Management and Optimization platform.

Predefined Classic Car Master Data Make-Model-Year, Categories  Characteristics / Attributes , Bundles & Kits, More...

Choose Your Modules Website, eCommerce, Inventory, Accounting, Manufacturing, Order Management & More...

Complete  Integrated Business System

Functional - Affordable - Sustainable

Where Business Benefits Start

can be hosted on-site or on a cloud platform giving more leverage and cutting down costs. This saves time, manpower and infrastructure directed towards hosting it on a server.

MMY Automotive eCommerce - Manufacturing & Distribution Classic Car Industry solutions...

Sales and marketing generally drive most daily operations adjustments based upon today's customer needs or challenges in execution. The quicker accurate real time information can be analyzed the faster the business can respond to the issues at hand enabling streamlined daily activities.  Our tailored dashboards allows MMY to deliver the correct information when you want it.

MMY's experts work with our clients to help them enhance their  competitive advantage and grow their market share . We provide state of the art solutions that align with Industry Best Practices and the most advanced technology.  Project Enterprises offers a full array of options, enabling you to select the solution that works best for your company today with a full array of additional future functionality. Your complete satisfaction is our ultimate finish line! Completely integrated.

  • Point Of Sale  - Onsite or mobile works well anywhere there is an internet connection
    • Off site events , Swap Meets, Car Shows, Trade Shows
  • Back Office Order Management  - Take & process over the phone, FAX, & Email
  • eCommerce  - Custom price lists, product bundles  (kits) , cross sell & upsell, user account management
  • Customer Portal  - Your customer can track their: orders, invoices, delivery order status, etc.

Key Benefits of SEO for your business rely on website structure & data...

to creating long-term brand awareness, expanding your target audiences and earning more revenue, depend on great search engine optimization. Here are a few significant benefits of SEO for your business, and how you can realize them.

  • SEO Boosts Business Credibility
  • Search engines crawl your site 24/7 , promoting useful content and helping you find new customers organically.
  • Original content and SEO work hand in hand; by creating helpful content for visitors,  including text, images and videos , your site will rank better in search results. 
  • Those who invest in  SEO often outrank the competition  in search engine results and gain market share. 
  • SEO can help you attract anyone with intent at a given point in time, no matter what stage of the buying funnel they are in. 
  • And  nearly 80%  of local searches on mobile lead to conversions. Local SEO strategies can help you attract these searchers who are often ready to buy. 
  • SEO is about making your  site search engine-friendly , but it also can improve the experience a customer has when visiting your website. We ensure that you generate useful and high-quality content and making your site faster and more responsive.
  • An optimized site brings in  quality traffic . If you have a site with useful content that matches the searcher's intent, they will likely spend more time browsing, which ultimately can lead to  more conversions and increased ROI.

Manage your products - Stocking, Non-Stocking, Shipping / Receiving...

Use barcode scanners for every inventory operation: cycle counts, incoming shipments, packing orders, etc. Scan the goods and confirm the reception or sending of those only through the scanner (no keyboard needed).

The unique Odoo double entry inventory management allows full traceability from the supplier to the customer. Nothing is lost, everything is moved. 

Use hierarchical locations to structure your warehouse: zones, rows, shelves, etc.

Use the simple transfer interface to move products from one location to another. 

Deliver to customers straight from your supplier based on products, orders or customers. 

Design your own order process flow. Deliver to customers in one step (delivery order) or several steps: picking, packing, shipping.

Whether you manufacture, remanufacture, or distribute...

new or used classic automotive parts and / or provide services we can tailor our base system to meet your needs.  Our methods help keep migration to a new system affordable and accurate to your requirements.  You’ll find that your users will quickly adapt to our integrated system while generating business analytical data to help influence refinement of your day to day operations.

  • Labeling, Work Orders, Picking & BOL, Replenishment, Kitting
  • Quality Specs, Rework & Returns, CRM
  • Planning & Scheduling, Inventory Managem e nt

Video: Learn More About Manufacturing

Our process ensures that best practices...

are applied where plausible including leveraging proven upgradeable technology providing an efficient  long term solution  to support every aspect of your business.  Should we find that you need functionality not already in our tool box we’ll provide a custom enhancement to your system that is upgradeable and supported by Odoo.

  • Minimize transaction processing  work arounds improving cycle time
  • Secure audit trails, product price lists & data export enable detailed analysis
  • Landed cost & vendor  management  ensure margins are maintained

Gartner Quadrant - Odoo is easy

The open source model of Odoo has allowed Odoo to leverage thousands of developers and business experts to build hundreds of apps in just a few years.

Odoo has been a strong contender in the open source ERP category. Initially named as Tiny ERP and later renamed open-ERP, it was finally christened Odoo which reflected the multiple functions performed which are more than what a traditional ERP platform provides. These custom-tailored apps are off-shoots of the already existing 30 core modules that are standard issue with Odoo.

Modular implementation - Start with the basics

Odoo is able to offer a high degree of customization to organizations. It can be implemented module-wise allowing organizations to have leaner ERP’s and implement required modules in a phased manner. This lowers the cost of implementation and more importantly it incentivizes smaller organizations to implement Odoo at an earlier stage and later upgrade their modules when required.

Return On Investment an intangible value is still a driver...

to justify the tangible ROI of system integration , it’s also crucial not to lose sight of the intangible value it adds to the organization. The long-term benefits to the corporate image, the intellectual capital gained, the destruction of data silos, and the improved agility are all part of the case for integration.

These intangible benefits help the business grow over time and provide better experiences for customers and partners alike. Their affect ripples throughout the entire organization and influences every future endeavor. Just remember: an integration’s ROI is more than the sum of its parts.   Consider some of these examples  as you contemplate the benefits for your organization:

  • X percentage of  increased customer retention  due to integration/automation of end-user touch points
  • Uncovering X number of profitable  cross-sell/upsel l opportunities via new data transparencies
  • Improved workflows and better self-help capabilities resulting in X minutes of  time saving for hands-on support time
  • Using alignment and automation for  product delivery X percent faster
  • Faster reaction time  for services inquiries by X minutes
  • X times  faster customization of products/services/information  for customers
  • X hours saved on manual data entry